Thursday, 22 April 2010

Folksy Friday


I just love the Folsky Friday group Konnie Kapow has set up over on Facebook.
So having only ever done one Folsky Friday before, now seems like the perfect time to join in on all the action.

I struggled for a while with the theme, then I though why not have a Folksy Wedding Theme! As I am getting married next year it does seem kind of appropriate!

So my first item is the gorgeous guest book by Jupiter Rocks.

I also love these personalised wedding cards by Konnie Kapow!. I would love to receive something similar when i get married (hint hint!)

Next there is this little lovebird bowl by Prince Design UK. Its just so sweet, I love it!

The next item I am liking are these Bridesmaid bouquets by Pink Tree Studios. I love the colour, and although i will more than likely go for fresh flowers for my own wedding, what a fantastic alternative. And something you can actually keep after the big day!

And One last wee item to add in. I have added this Lake District Collage Print by Jen Owen Images. However, not for this image, beautiful as it is. I just can't imagine a nicer wedding gift than one of these collages made of the place you got married. I can imagine Konnie and Mr Kapows would have been completely fantastic as they got married in such a beautiful place.
Just magic!

Well I feel rather inspired after my second ever Folksy Friday! I feel like doing lots of wedding type stuff over the weekend!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by!

Lucy loves...

Lucy loves... product testing!

So things have been a bit of a lull at Lucy loves… HQ over the last wee while.

I have been busy moving house, trying to unpack, working lots and being ill. It hasn’t been a great combination!

In between times, I did share a stall with Konnie Kapow! at the Hillhead craft market. This was a great day, with thanks to everyone who came along to see us, and a wee special thank you to Mummy loves… for picking both us ladies (and Mr.Kapow!) up and dropping us off at Hillhead.
I really enjoyed myself, despite the start of the sniffles coming on!
And my new Rhubarb and Custard soaps went down a storm! These wee lovelies just smell good enough to eat! They will be making an appearance onto the Folksy shop soon!

I am finding it hard to keep everything up to date as I don’t have the internet in my new flat yet, I have been promised it will happen soon though! So all new products will be on there as soon possible! It’s a pain trying to run an internet business with no internet!!

So despite all of the distractions, I have been working on and perfecting a few new items. I am currently working on the Kapow-boy range of items. These have been mentioned before, but I really want to spend the time on these that they deserve! They will be every bit as fabulous as their namesake!

I have also been product testing a lot of the new products, which is just fabulous! Pouring a nice hot bath, throwing in some of the new bath bombs and lying back. Its hard work, but someone has got to do it!

I have also been extensively testing the footsoak fizzies! (Well I say testing, these products are now ready to go!) but I have been wearing high heels to work a lot recently and I have to say the fizzies have been a godsend! I am really very pleased with myself about them! If nobody else buys them, they will still be one of my best creations in my opinion as they are fast becoming an essential item in my evening routine!

Enough of blowing my own trumpet and moaning about internet! It’s now time to get back to the daily grind.
Nice to see you and thanks for stopping by!

Lucy loves…