Friday, 24 September 2010

Folksy Friday!

Sci Fi

I have watched a few cool films this week, however I have also watched Many Episodes of Star Trek Voyager!

So here comes a Sci-Fi themed Folksy Friday, since Pin Up nights in the Flying Duck has a Sci-Fi themed night on tonight!

Sky Rockets in Flight Necklace<br /> The Captain RAY GUN 8 x 10 Art Print<br />
STAR TREK COMIC BOOK PHOTO FRAME<br /> Yoda Star Wars Cuff Links<br />
Robot Tee<br />  Star Wars finger puppets<br />

1. Sky Rockets in Flight Necklace by Catastrofeef
2. The Captain RAY GUN 8 x 10 Art Print by Wonkyworks
3. 3. Star Trek Comic Book Photo frame by Framedup
4. Yoda Star Wars Cuff Links by Pink Burlesque
5. Robot Tee by Bumpo's
6. Star Wars finger puppets by MuNGBEANS


Lucy loves…


Friday, 27 August 2010

Folksy Friday!

Its that time of the week again! Already!
a few weekends ago, I decided an Irish theme was in order!

Fairytale Wishes Bracelet
Irish Terrier Dog Badge 3 Shipwreck
Rabbit & shamrock brooch <br />'Good Luck' Hand Cut Four Leaf Clover Card

1. Luck of the Irish button Necklace by Kate D
2. Fairytale Wishes Bracelet by *Jo-Bangles Jingles and Jangles*
3. Irish Terrier Dog Badge by Forever Foxed
4. 10x8 Shipwreck by Felix Landscape Photography
5. Rabbit & shamrock brooch by Handprinted by A Deegan
6. 'Good Luck' Hand Cut Four Leaf Clover Card by Quite Contrary Crafts

Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday!

In addition to my moan earlier this week about not having any time, I have made sure I have the time for a Folksy Friday today!
I never ever post these as often as I would like, and since I am indulging myself in a bit of window shopping, I thought the subject shold be something I love more than anythign else in the world . (Yes, more than beer, Dr.Who, slippers, rocks, possible more than dinosaurs and maybe marginally more than Bruce Willis)

Yes, its Hippos!

Did you know…

Hippopotamus dervioes from the Ancient Greek hippopotamos, meaning ‘Water Horse’

In English, the plural is hippopotamuses, but hippopotami is also used. I think I prefer Hippopotami.

Hippopotamuses are the fourth largest mammals in the world (after whales, elephants, andrhinoceroses)

The average weight for an adult male Hippo is 3,300–4,000 lb. That’s 235 – 285 Stones!

So on with the Folksy Friday!

Hippo Print by ialbert.  1 Patio Hippo Puzzle by Puzzlesinwood& Crafts  2
LICORICE Hippo tee Hippo & T-Rex Card by Konnie Kapow! 4

Now can someone please send me a picture of Bruce Willis and Dr.Who riding Hippos in whilst wearing slippers, in the shadow of a volcano and sipping on some beer while a T-rex looks on??
It would make my day!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Weekend off

So currently my weekend away s threatened by some dental issues (I have a Quasimodo type face at the moment!)

I have to say, it’s nice though to put the shop on vacation for the weekend and take some proper time off.
I have the type of day job that can be pretty stressful at times, and as I work with Students, freshers week is looming on the horizon. So this is my last chance for a wee break before the madness begins.

So all going with my dental appointment, I shall be toasting the weekend with a cold drink in Belfast this weekend!

Back to soaping next week, as well as Lucy loves… first birthday is coming up soon! Treats on the way for that one!


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wedding Favours

This weekend whilst strolling around the City Centre, that I noticed with great sadness that the Glasgow Confetti store has signs up in the window saying they have gone into administration.
I was devastated! It’s such a great shop and gives you so many ideas for the little details on your wedding!
I know a lot of people who got the bits to make their wedding favours in there!

It got me thinking…
Did you know that Lucy loves… can make wedding favours? Or favours for any type of party you might be having.

I recently made some Parma Violet mini soap cubes and heart shaped Rose Bath bombs in guest sizes for a wedding.

Around the same time friend of Lucy loves…, Lindsay asked for some Hen Night favours. These were soaps made in the wedding colours of teal and purple and smelling of lavender or lime and lemongrass. Lindsay also had the Heart shaped Rose guest sized bombs.

I hear they went down a treat!

Are you planning anything that you might need favours for?

Monday, 16 August 2010

No time for anything!

As per usual, a blog update about how I wished I updated more regularly!

I don’t know how some people manage to have a full-time job, run their own business and also be in top of all the social networking and promotion that comes along with it!

To be honest I do struggle with these things, and find I have barely enough time for my job never mind the rest!
However I do plan on changing this, and perhaps setting aside dedicated time each week for all of these things on top of making my products.

How does everyone else manage to juggle the workload they have? Any tips on how to effectively manage your time when you do a time consuming craft?

I need some advice I think!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Product testing.. what a chore!

I have been making a lot of new products recently. Before I put anything up for sale I like to product test a new item as much as I possibly can.

Its the way that I learned that some pigments used in bath bombs can stain your bath. Thank god I found that out before trying to sell them, I imagine you wouldn't be pleased if you bought a bath bomb that had you scrubbing the tub for hours after it! Which is what I have ended up doing on a few occasions.

However product testing isn't all bad! There are some nice bits to it as well.

As you can see from the picture at the top, my rubber duckie Lord Milner, loves larking about and product testing!

We were trying out some of the Rose Botanical Bath bombs, and what a chore it was!

We had to lie (or float about in Lord Milners case) for ages, with those nice smells in that hot soft, water. And when we emerged, smelling of roses, we were thoroughly relaxed and toasty warm.
What a hard afternoons work!

Lord Milner was exhausted!

Do you have any similar bath time companions? I believe every bath should have a duck! If you don't, check out these wee duckies, fit for any bathroom and you can wash up with them too! On Folksy now!

Its a hard job, but someone has to do it!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Why don't more men wear lip balm?

Howdy all!

I hope this rainy miserable day find everyone well?

I am just doing a wee sneaky blog post, as I have some new products that I am just dying to share!

First up is the infamous Rhubarb and Custard Soap. This bad boy has been a winner at craft fairs, and anyone who has a whiff of one ends up purchasing!
A special favourite of Pepe the Prawnstar, and my own personal favourite soap at the moment!

Have a wee look at it!

Rhubarb and Custard Soap">

And next I have the new lip balm range! I ditched the pots as I was concerned about how hygienic it was sticking a dirty finger in a pot and then rubbing the contents over your mouth. Not that I think any of you have dirty fingers, you just never know!

So I thought I would be better off using wee twist tubes, as you never really have to touch the lip balm it makes it so much more hygienic. However if you pass it around all your pals so they can get a shot, then don't blame me if you get ill!

I currently have some gorgeous Tiramisu flavoured balms. They are stunning smelling! And I have been tempted to eat them whilst making them!
The first batch were supposed to be black, however they turned out a bit grey. I do still have them if anyone would like one!

All of the lip balms are made with lots of lovely Shea Butter, to really smooth out and moisturise even the driest lips. And not a drop of that yucky Petroleum Jelly in sight! I hate how that stuff slides about your face but never sinks into your lips!

Also in the Lip Balm range are sweet and lovely Vanilla and the first of my Naked range. A Naked Lip Balm, which is unscented and uncoloured. There will soon be soaps and salts to match, to cater those who don't like scented cosmetics, or maybe boys who are too shy to use vanilla lip balm in front of their friends!

Well that's what I have for the moment, but as always, I have lots in the pipeline! I have recently had a very successful 'trial' of some massage bars! Everyone massaged really enjoyed themselves! They will be listed soon!

Lucy xxx

Friday, 9 July 2010

Folksy Friday


I haven’t had time to do a folksy Friday in ages!

So with that in mind I will crack on with it before I run out of time!

So yesterday I had some super yummy strawberries after my lunch, and just through the sheer enjoyment they brought me, I am doing a strawberry themed Folksy Friday!

So first up is this gorgeous Strawberry Necklace by Jaf Creations!
I love that it’s photographed with strawberries too!

Next up is this gorgeous Strawberry Pin Cushion by Incy Wincy Stitches. I’m not much a sewer, but this would convince me to start!

I also love this Strawberry Print Bow Hairband by Something Different.

Check out this gorgeous Strawberry Picnic Bangle by Penny Dog Jewellery.
Love it!

Now speaking of running out of time, I just have so I need to cut it short!


Monday, 5 July 2010

Where did June go?

Well I am ashamed of myself! I always want to spend lots of time updating my blog but I haven’t been near it in a month!

What a disgrace!

So as a quick recap of the last month:

I have been on Holiday, fallen in love with Snorkelling, got a bit of a tan and drank a lot of beer.
I have worked... A LOT! To the point I feel a bit hungover over today due to tiredness rather than alcohol!
I hung out with the Kapows at the Hidden Lane Festival.
I have eaten a lot of pasta!
I have arranged secret birthday treats, soon to be revealed to Gordon! One of which will need a blog post of its own due to the amount of work and talent that is going into its creation!
And I worked lots, did I mention that already?

So with a happy bride and groom and a well fed Nobel Peace Prize winner behind me, that’s the busiest weekend of my summer out of the way, hopefully!

So now I should have time to spend on making some new things. One such thing is the new lip balm range I am working on. So far the Vanilla lip balms smells divine, and the Tiramisu ones are just as mouth watering! In my attempt to make them black, they have turned out grey! So think I will stick to uncoloured balms for the moment!

I have also been experimenting with Solid perfumes. I love them! Green balms, with girly scents all in a kiss ass super cool tin! Ph yeah!

All of these items, a few more newbie’s and some old favourites will be making an appearance at the Craft Fair in Hillhead Library this Saturday!

I will be sharing a table with my beautiful partner in crime, Konnie Kapow!
Why not pop round to pick up a card and soapy present for someone special? Why not come and just spoil yourself with soapy treats and cool jewellery?
Whatever your bag, come along!

Glasgow West End July Craft Fair
Saturday 10th July 2010 - 11.00am - 4.00pm
Hillhead Library, Byres Road, Glasgow

See you there!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Holiday.... Celebrate!


Well it has been a while, but I thought I would fire a wee update this way. I am about to go on my first ever proper holiday abroad, and I am very excited about it! Which means I am running about like a nutter trying get myself organised for leaving on Saturday morning.

So in between buying a ton of suncream and worrying about volcanic ash, I have been very busy lately!

I recently completed and delivered my first wedding favour order. The order was placed by a lovely lady called Jean, who I met at the Morningside Makers Market back in March. She liked my products and was looking for something a bit different for wedding favours for her daughter Lucy (!)s wedding.

So I have been working away, creating mini Parma Violet Soap Cubes, and Rose Botanical bath Bombs. I took a wee piccy of some of them. Jean will be putting them into organiza bags, but here are some naked favours!

Jean has said she will try to send me over some piccies after the big day, and let me know how the guests liked the favours. Which I will be sure to blog about!

I also got a rather large order from Gordon's Auntie Irene. His mum had asked me to make some things up for her birthday in March, and she liked them so much that she has asked me to make a gift basket for her friends birthday later in the month

AND then, our own Pepe Prawnstar placed an order for some hen night favours!

So it seems that the ladies out there are loving Lucy loves…

Which bring me onto my new ranges…

As I finally have the internet at home now, I can get some pictures uploaded and get some new items into my Folksy Shop!

So my first new range, was inspired by my impending travels! I was terrified of the idea of having shampoo explode all over my case and came up with a solution!

So, Lucy loves… shampoo bars were created! Apart from the non-bursting factor, they are also a great wee space saver whether you’re having an overnight or a fortnight away from home.
(Gordon likes it so much that he uses it every morning!)

And that got me onto thinking ‘well if my shampoo cant burst, perhaps soap is better than showergel for holidays too?’
And so I have packed away a few soaps for the trip away. I am taking PdD Pepper soap bar as its nice and refreshing. Gordon is taking a Diamond in the Rough, he loves how clean his skin feels, as do I, however I would avoid this one if you have sore sunburn! Though when your at the flaky stage, go for it! All the exfoliation you need in a really gentle way!

And lastly, I am always going on about the Foot Soak Fizzies, I just love them after a really long day at work running about.
So I created a new range, which are peppermint scented, for that truly refreshing feel after a long day walking on beaches / walking around on flip flops that hurt / cooling down from a beer garden.

So tonight I will be listing the holiday packs on Folksy. These will have a peppermint shampoo bar, a choice of soap and your choice of vanilla or peppermint Foot Soak Fizzies.
All you need to keep you pampered and travelling light! All of this for only £6.50! Bargain!

Soon after that, there will be the summer goodies! Including gift packs for considerate men to gift to their World Cup Widows. And some new 'Hardman' packs. Perfect for any hard man, or hard dad! They are so cool they deserve a post of their own though!

So keep your eyes peeled for the holiday packs, appearing on Folksy this evening!
Pop along and follow me on twitter to find out exactly when they go on sale!

Lucy xxx

Friday, 7 May 2010

Folksy Friday - a British Tradition


Its that time of the week again, where I have been eyeing up all the goodies on Folksy and making mental notes of what to hint at people to buy me! (I can try!)

So with everything that is going on this week, and especially overnight into today, I decided to have a British themed Folksy Friday!

So my first item is this fab canvas by Art by Adorra. I especially like the Red colour!

The next item is the cute wee necklace from Nelli D. I just think its so cute!

Next is a wee bit of home furnishings, with this gorgeous Welsh Dragon cushion by HELKATDESIGN.
I actually really fancy one of these on my couch!

I spied this amazing print from Love Penny Lane, and I am in love! I want one with a tiny wee heart on Glasgow! (and again I am liking the colour!)

And lastly, these wee earrings made by Fluffs Stuffs are just so lovely! And they make me want a cup of tea!

Now remember... VOTE FOLKSY!

Lucy x x x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Folksy Friday


I just love the Folsky Friday group Konnie Kapow has set up over on Facebook.
So having only ever done one Folsky Friday before, now seems like the perfect time to join in on all the action.

I struggled for a while with the theme, then I though why not have a Folksy Wedding Theme! As I am getting married next year it does seem kind of appropriate!

So my first item is the gorgeous guest book by Jupiter Rocks.

I also love these personalised wedding cards by Konnie Kapow!. I would love to receive something similar when i get married (hint hint!)

Next there is this little lovebird bowl by Prince Design UK. Its just so sweet, I love it!

The next item I am liking are these Bridesmaid bouquets by Pink Tree Studios. I love the colour, and although i will more than likely go for fresh flowers for my own wedding, what a fantastic alternative. And something you can actually keep after the big day!

And One last wee item to add in. I have added this Lake District Collage Print by Jen Owen Images. However, not for this image, beautiful as it is. I just can't imagine a nicer wedding gift than one of these collages made of the place you got married. I can imagine Konnie and Mr Kapows would have been completely fantastic as they got married in such a beautiful place.
Just magic!

Well I feel rather inspired after my second ever Folksy Friday! I feel like doing lots of wedding type stuff over the weekend!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by!

Lucy loves...

Lucy loves... product testing!

So things have been a bit of a lull at Lucy loves… HQ over the last wee while.

I have been busy moving house, trying to unpack, working lots and being ill. It hasn’t been a great combination!

In between times, I did share a stall with Konnie Kapow! at the Hillhead craft market. This was a great day, with thanks to everyone who came along to see us, and a wee special thank you to Mummy loves… for picking both us ladies (and Mr.Kapow!) up and dropping us off at Hillhead.
I really enjoyed myself, despite the start of the sniffles coming on!
And my new Rhubarb and Custard soaps went down a storm! These wee lovelies just smell good enough to eat! They will be making an appearance onto the Folksy shop soon!

I am finding it hard to keep everything up to date as I don’t have the internet in my new flat yet, I have been promised it will happen soon though! So all new products will be on there as soon possible! It’s a pain trying to run an internet business with no internet!!

So despite all of the distractions, I have been working on and perfecting a few new items. I am currently working on the Kapow-boy range of items. These have been mentioned before, but I really want to spend the time on these that they deserve! They will be every bit as fabulous as their namesake!

I have also been product testing a lot of the new products, which is just fabulous! Pouring a nice hot bath, throwing in some of the new bath bombs and lying back. Its hard work, but someone has got to do it!

I have also been extensively testing the footsoak fizzies! (Well I say testing, these products are now ready to go!) but I have been wearing high heels to work a lot recently and I have to say the fizzies have been a godsend! I am really very pleased with myself about them! If nobody else buys them, they will still be one of my best creations in my opinion as they are fast becoming an essential item in my evening routine!

Enough of blowing my own trumpet and moaning about internet! It’s now time to get back to the daily grind.
Nice to see you and thanks for stopping by!

Lucy loves…

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Birthdays and Bath Bombs

Well what a fabulous birthday I ended up having.
All down to having such fabulous friends! Thank you to everyone for helping me celebrate, and also to laugh with me during the horrific dinner groping experience!!!

So as I had some time of from the day job, I have been very busy getting to work on some new products before the house moving next weekend!

One of my favourite new products are the new Gummy Bear Soaps. A certain Konnie Kapow! gave me the moulds for these soaps, and they are just lovely. The perfect companion to keep the Rubber Duckies company

My new favourite product are these new rose shaped bath bombs, with dried rose petals through them, I just love them!

My next wee creation, are the new Foot Soak Fizzies. These are great to chuck into a basin of hot water for a foot soak after a long day on your feet. An essential for craft fair sellers!!!

And last, but by no means least, I had Easter thoughts in my mind! I made some lovely wee egg shaped bath bombs, smelling of chocolate. Chocolate Easter Eggs, geddit?
Completely yummy!

With two weddings coming up at work in the next week, I think I will be keeping some Foot Soak Fizzies by for myself!!

And, now as I am back at my normal work tomorrow, I feel its time for bed.

Night all!

Friday, 19 March 2010

My First Ever Folksy Friday


So I always read other peoples blogs with the Folksy Friday on it, and I decided to get in on the action today!

As its soon to be my birthday, my theme is 'All things Lucy loves...'

So the first wee gem I came across was these finger puppets made by MuNGBEANS! As anyone who knows me will testify, I am a bit of a Dr.Who fanatic!
I love the wee TARDIS!!!

The next thing I seen was this completely fantastic necklace by Too Much Fun.
I have actually asked my dearest mother for this necklace as a rather fabulous birthday present, so I will keep my fingers crossed!
I'd make a great sailor!

And of course since its my birthday, I am hoping to receive one of the famous 'And you thought you were special' birthday cards by Konnie Kapow!
As you may have realised, I am intimately acquainted with the rather fabulous Kapows! and no occasion is complete anymore without one of their cards on the mantle piece!

And of course, after all of that over indulgence perhaps a nice long bath (and bit of self promotion!) are in order. From my own Lucy loves... Folksy Shop!
This Sunday night I plan to be slipping into a nice warm bath with on of these wee bad boys fizzy away. Yumm rose bath bombs, the perfect end the weekend i think?

Now off to see what everyone else wants for their Folksy Friday!!!

Lucy loves...

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Craft fairs, moving house and general busyness!

So I am feeling a bit tired at the moment. Hence the near radio silence out of the Lucy loves… camp.

I have been very buys in the day job recently, and even managed to get a wee trip to Stirling for a meeting. Met some really lovely people, including someone who works at the Glasgow Science Centre. Yay, I love it there!

So besides having a million and one things to do, including listing some of new products on Folksy, I am about to take a weekend off to celebrate getting a year older by eating lots of food and drinking lots of nice things.
And did I mention I am moving house in two weeks? Eeek! So once I am moved and settled, it’ll be all hands to the pumps to get prepared for the next craft fair!

Setting up shop once again with my beloved partner in crime, Konnie Kapow!

We shall be at the craft fair at Hillhead Library, on Saturday 10th April 2010.
10.30am – 4.30pm

Free entry, so pop and along and say hi to us!

Working on some new ways to display my products, as it was a bit of a mish-mash last time! So hopefully a new improved looking display from Lucy loves…

Now, back to those million and one things to be getting done…

Sunday, 28 February 2010

A very lemon weekend

I have had a very good weekend.

I worked all of the last weekend at the Scottish Wedding Show, helped out by my lovely assistant Konnie Kapow!

So after a very long week at work, Friday finally arrived!!

The beautiful Konnie Kapow! was at the vintage fair at Pin Up nights, and it was my turn to be the assistant for the evening.
It was a great night, and it turned out to be very successful for Konnie Kapow! Sadly, Mr.Kapow! had to leave early to pick up his fabby relatives from the train station. I mourned his leaving us by throwing a pint onto the floor (and onto myself) using only my bum. It would have been impressive had it not been so embarrassing.

So after a great night of drinking and wearing beer, making new friends, catching up with old ones and swooning over Justin Curries presence, it was time to brave the Scottish weather and get a taxi home.

Saturday morning was sent wishing I hadn't drunk so much beer the night before, and meeting (and booking) our wedding photographer. Gordon and I then met a very horrible woman in Fraser Hart whilst looking at wedding rings. She proceeded to be horribly rude about my engagement ring and after running her manky ball point pen over my ring, we left very grumpy. After her infinite rudeness, it’s safe to say, Fraser Hart shall not be providing us with Wedding rings!

Then after a wee look at Bridesmaid dresses it was time to head home for a nap.

Saturday evening was spent in the excellent company of Natalie and Donald, had a great time.

And onto today. It has been a very lemon orientated day. I began by attempting my first solo shot at baking. Certainly not up to my Grans standard, but I was very pleased with my lemon sponge. Gordon enjoyed a slice too.
So sticking with my lemon theme, I decided to try making some lemon soaps. Again I was pleased with the results. Yummy little lemon scented guest soaps, with a slice of dried lemon for extra zingyness! Yumee!

So after all my hard work in the kitchen, I think it’s high time for a slice of sponge and a cup of tea!!

Lots of new projects in the pipeline... more later this week.

Sponge... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wedding Show madness


I would love to say I am too busy and important to be updating my blog… sadly I am too busy, but not that important.

It has come to that time of year for me, twice a year I descent into a wedding haze. A live and breath weddings for a weekend... and that happens to be this weekend at the Scottish Wedding Show.

To be honest, I live and breath weddings anyway. I adore them! It’s why I wanted to get into Event Management. So as much fun as this weekend should be, it’s also about standing with a smile fixed on your face for two days whilst you answer the same questions over and over again.
I always enjoy the wedding show, I am just always grumpy after it as it’s very tiring, the food for the exhibitors isn’t that great and it’s a very long week when you are working without any days off. That’s not to mention the horrific ‘Exhibitors rest Area’... where I usually end up sitting on the cold dirty floor to eat my pieces as they have about 15 chairs (for about 400 staff) and some overpriced muck thrown into semi-stale bread. Yuck!

I also like to moan!

This Wedding Show should be different from the others though, as my wedding is now less than a year away and I have some serious organising to get on with!

So all of this has reminded me why I started to make soaps in the first place. I wanted cute, handmade unique favours. Which of course I will have... I haven’t fully made up my mind what form these will be as yet!

I have also been thinking about what other people would like as favours, like mini heart soaps or wee star bath bombs etc. I have my work cut out for me as that’s a big market to tap into, and things have to be 100% perfect for a wedding.

Just in a bit of a contemplative mood today….

Now I need to go pick up digital prints for my wedding book, from the City Centre…no rest for the wicked.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

New products!

So I have been busy over the last wee while working on some new stuff in preparation of the Moringside makers Market next Saturday.

Konnie Kapow!
and I have a stall, as I may have mentioned a few million times, and we are very excited to be loosing our craft fare virginity together!

I have working my wee fingers off to get some new and exciting things ready for the stall.

My favourite of the new things are my rubber ducky soaps. I can make these in all variety of colour and smell combinations.
And they are so cute!

I have also bee making some new things that I thought boys might like. I have some pumice soap scrub bars that smell like oceany freshness.. which I thought might e more for the boys.

I also made some awesome new lavender soaps and bath salts, with real lavender flowers in them.

My other favourite are my new Love Potions. They are pinkish rose smelling fizzy bath salts, these have real rose bud in them as well. very Swish!
And they smell awesome!

So now I just need to make more of the things I have so I have a good stock level or next week. And then I need to upload more things to my folsky site.

I have just had my shopping to delivered, so after making a huuuuge pot of curry, I think some more soap making is in order.