Friday, 24 September 2010

Folksy Friday!

Sci Fi

I have watched a few cool films this week, however I have also watched Many Episodes of Star Trek Voyager!

So here comes a Sci-Fi themed Folksy Friday, since Pin Up nights in the Flying Duck has a Sci-Fi themed night on tonight!

Sky Rockets in Flight Necklace<br /> The Captain RAY GUN 8 x 10 Art Print<br />
STAR TREK COMIC BOOK PHOTO FRAME<br /> Yoda Star Wars Cuff Links<br />
Robot Tee<br />  Star Wars finger puppets<br />

1. Sky Rockets in Flight Necklace by Catastrofeef
2. The Captain RAY GUN 8 x 10 Art Print by Wonkyworks
3. 3. Star Trek Comic Book Photo frame by Framedup
4. Yoda Star Wars Cuff Links by Pink Burlesque
5. Robot Tee by Bumpo's
6. Star Wars finger puppets by MuNGBEANS


Lucy loves…


Friday, 27 August 2010

Folksy Friday!

Its that time of the week again! Already!
a few weekends ago, I decided an Irish theme was in order!

Fairytale Wishes Bracelet
Irish Terrier Dog Badge 3 Shipwreck
Rabbit & shamrock brooch <br />'Good Luck' Hand Cut Four Leaf Clover Card

1. Luck of the Irish button Necklace by Kate D
2. Fairytale Wishes Bracelet by *Jo-Bangles Jingles and Jangles*
3. Irish Terrier Dog Badge by Forever Foxed
4. 10x8 Shipwreck by Felix Landscape Photography
5. Rabbit & shamrock brooch by Handprinted by A Deegan
6. 'Good Luck' Hand Cut Four Leaf Clover Card by Quite Contrary Crafts

Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday!

In addition to my moan earlier this week about not having any time, I have made sure I have the time for a Folksy Friday today!
I never ever post these as often as I would like, and since I am indulging myself in a bit of window shopping, I thought the subject shold be something I love more than anythign else in the world . (Yes, more than beer, Dr.Who, slippers, rocks, possible more than dinosaurs and maybe marginally more than Bruce Willis)

Yes, its Hippos!

Did you know…

Hippopotamus dervioes from the Ancient Greek hippopotamos, meaning ‘Water Horse’

In English, the plural is hippopotamuses, but hippopotami is also used. I think I prefer Hippopotami.

Hippopotamuses are the fourth largest mammals in the world (after whales, elephants, andrhinoceroses)

The average weight for an adult male Hippo is 3,300–4,000 lb. That’s 235 – 285 Stones!

So on with the Folksy Friday!

Hippo Print by ialbert.  1 Patio Hippo Puzzle by Puzzlesinwood& Crafts  2
LICORICE Hippo tee Hippo & T-Rex Card by Konnie Kapow! 4

Now can someone please send me a picture of Bruce Willis and Dr.Who riding Hippos in whilst wearing slippers, in the shadow of a volcano and sipping on some beer while a T-rex looks on??
It would make my day!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Weekend off

So currently my weekend away s threatened by some dental issues (I have a Quasimodo type face at the moment!)

I have to say, it’s nice though to put the shop on vacation for the weekend and take some proper time off.
I have the type of day job that can be pretty stressful at times, and as I work with Students, freshers week is looming on the horizon. So this is my last chance for a wee break before the madness begins.

So all going with my dental appointment, I shall be toasting the weekend with a cold drink in Belfast this weekend!

Back to soaping next week, as well as Lucy loves… first birthday is coming up soon! Treats on the way for that one!


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Wedding Favours

This weekend whilst strolling around the City Centre, that I noticed with great sadness that the Glasgow Confetti store has signs up in the window saying they have gone into administration.
I was devastated! It’s such a great shop and gives you so many ideas for the little details on your wedding!
I know a lot of people who got the bits to make their wedding favours in there!

It got me thinking…
Did you know that Lucy loves… can make wedding favours? Or favours for any type of party you might be having.

I recently made some Parma Violet mini soap cubes and heart shaped Rose Bath bombs in guest sizes for a wedding.

Around the same time friend of Lucy loves…, Lindsay asked for some Hen Night favours. These were soaps made in the wedding colours of teal and purple and smelling of lavender or lime and lemongrass. Lindsay also had the Heart shaped Rose guest sized bombs.

I hear they went down a treat!

Are you planning anything that you might need favours for?

Monday, 16 August 2010

No time for anything!

As per usual, a blog update about how I wished I updated more regularly!

I don’t know how some people manage to have a full-time job, run their own business and also be in top of all the social networking and promotion that comes along with it!

To be honest I do struggle with these things, and find I have barely enough time for my job never mind the rest!
However I do plan on changing this, and perhaps setting aside dedicated time each week for all of these things on top of making my products.

How does everyone else manage to juggle the workload they have? Any tips on how to effectively manage your time when you do a time consuming craft?

I need some advice I think!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Product testing.. what a chore!

I have been making a lot of new products recently. Before I put anything up for sale I like to product test a new item as much as I possibly can.

Its the way that I learned that some pigments used in bath bombs can stain your bath. Thank god I found that out before trying to sell them, I imagine you wouldn't be pleased if you bought a bath bomb that had you scrubbing the tub for hours after it! Which is what I have ended up doing on a few occasions.

However product testing isn't all bad! There are some nice bits to it as well.

As you can see from the picture at the top, my rubber duckie Lord Milner, loves larking about and product testing!

We were trying out some of the Rose Botanical Bath bombs, and what a chore it was!

We had to lie (or float about in Lord Milners case) for ages, with those nice smells in that hot soft, water. And when we emerged, smelling of roses, we were thoroughly relaxed and toasty warm.
What a hard afternoons work!

Lord Milner was exhausted!

Do you have any similar bath time companions? I believe every bath should have a duck! If you don't, check out these wee duckies, fit for any bathroom and you can wash up with them too! On Folksy now!

Its a hard job, but someone has to do it!