Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Holiday.... Celebrate!


Well it has been a while, but I thought I would fire a wee update this way. I am about to go on my first ever proper holiday abroad, and I am very excited about it! Which means I am running about like a nutter trying get myself organised for leaving on Saturday morning.

So in between buying a ton of suncream and worrying about volcanic ash, I have been very busy lately!

I recently completed and delivered my first wedding favour order. The order was placed by a lovely lady called Jean, who I met at the Morningside Makers Market back in March. She liked my products and was looking for something a bit different for wedding favours for her daughter Lucy (!)s wedding.

So I have been working away, creating mini Parma Violet Soap Cubes, and Rose Botanical bath Bombs. I took a wee piccy of some of them. Jean will be putting them into organiza bags, but here are some naked favours!

Jean has said she will try to send me over some piccies after the big day, and let me know how the guests liked the favours. Which I will be sure to blog about!

I also got a rather large order from Gordon's Auntie Irene. His mum had asked me to make some things up for her birthday in March, and she liked them so much that she has asked me to make a gift basket for her friends birthday later in the month

AND then, our own Pepe Prawnstar placed an order for some hen night favours!

So it seems that the ladies out there are loving Lucy loves…

Which bring me onto my new ranges…

As I finally have the internet at home now, I can get some pictures uploaded and get some new items into my Folksy Shop!

So my first new range, was inspired by my impending travels! I was terrified of the idea of having shampoo explode all over my case and came up with a solution!

So, Lucy loves… shampoo bars were created! Apart from the non-bursting factor, they are also a great wee space saver whether you’re having an overnight or a fortnight away from home.
(Gordon likes it so much that he uses it every morning!)

And that got me onto thinking ‘well if my shampoo cant burst, perhaps soap is better than showergel for holidays too?’
And so I have packed away a few soaps for the trip away. I am taking PdD Pepper soap bar as its nice and refreshing. Gordon is taking a Diamond in the Rough, he loves how clean his skin feels, as do I, however I would avoid this one if you have sore sunburn! Though when your at the flaky stage, go for it! All the exfoliation you need in a really gentle way!

And lastly, I am always going on about the Foot Soak Fizzies, I just love them after a really long day at work running about.
So I created a new range, which are peppermint scented, for that truly refreshing feel after a long day walking on beaches / walking around on flip flops that hurt / cooling down from a beer garden.

So tonight I will be listing the holiday packs on Folksy. These will have a peppermint shampoo bar, a choice of soap and your choice of vanilla or peppermint Foot Soak Fizzies.
All you need to keep you pampered and travelling light! All of this for only £6.50! Bargain!

Soon after that, there will be the summer goodies! Including gift packs for considerate men to gift to their World Cup Widows. And some new 'Hardman' packs. Perfect for any hard man, or hard dad! They are so cool they deserve a post of their own though!

So keep your eyes peeled for the holiday packs, appearing on Folksy this evening!
Pop along and follow me on twitter to find out exactly when they go on sale!

Lucy xxx