Sunday, 31 January 2010

New products!

So I have been busy over the last wee while working on some new stuff in preparation of the Moringside makers Market next Saturday.

Konnie Kapow!
and I have a stall, as I may have mentioned a few million times, and we are very excited to be loosing our craft fare virginity together!

I have working my wee fingers off to get some new and exciting things ready for the stall.

My favourite of the new things are my rubber ducky soaps. I can make these in all variety of colour and smell combinations.
And they are so cute!

I have also bee making some new things that I thought boys might like. I have some pumice soap scrub bars that smell like oceany freshness.. which I thought might e more for the boys.

I also made some awesome new lavender soaps and bath salts, with real lavender flowers in them.

My other favourite are my new Love Potions. They are pinkish rose smelling fizzy bath salts, these have real rose bud in them as well. very Swish!
And they smell awesome!

So now I just need to make more of the things I have so I have a good stock level or next week. And then I need to upload more things to my folsky site.

I have just had my shopping to delivered, so after making a huuuuge pot of curry, I think some more soap making is in order.



Friday, 22 January 2010

New crafting conquests!


Finally the rest of Britain seem to be moving again after this cold snap!
I have been waiting a ridiculous time for some deliveries of supplies.. this is after paying the ridiculous postage costs.

So I have been in a huff, until at work yesterday a man arrived with a large box for me! Yay! After some of colleagues had poked and prodded the supplies (which I enjoyed, as I like to show off!) I loaded the stuff onto the strongest carrier bags I could find and started walking home.

So after a rather tasty stir-fry I couldn't wait any longer and broke out the supplies to start making things.

So last night I made some more of my Alphabet soaps, but these ones smelled of yummy peppermint. Very Zingy!

My proudest achievement of the evening was some gorgeous smelling lavender soap, which I managed to layer with some lavender flowers on the top. This was the first time I had ever attempted to make a soap like that, and it wasn't 100% perfect, but it should be next time I try. I reckon one bar out of the loaf doesn't look as good, so possibly this should be a present for my dearest mum, who adores lavender scented things!

I also made lots of wee base soaps for making some soap conglomerates, so that should keep me busy tonight!

I think some new bath salts may be on the cards for tonight as well! Followed by a photo shoot.

And then a glass of wine? It is Friday!


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Morningside Makers Market - THE place to be on 6th February!

Lucy loves... and Konnie Kapow! are heading to our first craft fare!

Check us out at

On 6th February for all your greeting cards and bath-time needs!
See you there

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The start of the blogging aventure


So I have been encourage to blog about my soap making aventures by Konnie Kapow!

This was after she shared some good news with me, but before I trashed her bathroom.
So yes, I may need to call her this morning!

Anyway, so due to Konnies advice, I have spent the morning setting up a whole host of social networking.

Its a nit overwhelming having so many different sites set up for self promotion, but I assured it will pay dividens.

So yes, just a wee quick hello, now I am off to try to get my head round twitter...

Lucy loves.... xxx