Friday, 7 May 2010

Folksy Friday - a British Tradition


Its that time of the week again, where I have been eyeing up all the goodies on Folksy and making mental notes of what to hint at people to buy me! (I can try!)

So with everything that is going on this week, and especially overnight into today, I decided to have a British themed Folksy Friday!

So my first item is this fab canvas by Art by Adorra. I especially like the Red colour!

The next item is the cute wee necklace from Nelli D. I just think its so cute!

Next is a wee bit of home furnishings, with this gorgeous Welsh Dragon cushion by HELKATDESIGN.
I actually really fancy one of these on my couch!

I spied this amazing print from Love Penny Lane, and I am in love! I want one with a tiny wee heart on Glasgow! (and again I am liking the colour!)

And lastly, these wee earrings made by Fluffs Stuffs are just so lovely! And they make me want a cup of tea!

Now remember... VOTE FOLKSY!

Lucy x x x