Friday, 24 September 2010

Folksy Friday!

Sci Fi

I have watched a few cool films this week, however I have also watched Many Episodes of Star Trek Voyager!

So here comes a Sci-Fi themed Folksy Friday, since Pin Up nights in the Flying Duck has a Sci-Fi themed night on tonight!

Sky Rockets in Flight Necklace<br /> The Captain RAY GUN 8 x 10 Art Print<br />
STAR TREK COMIC BOOK PHOTO FRAME<br /> Yoda Star Wars Cuff Links<br />
Robot Tee<br />  Star Wars finger puppets<br />

1. Sky Rockets in Flight Necklace by Catastrofeef
2. The Captain RAY GUN 8 x 10 Art Print by Wonkyworks
3. 3. Star Trek Comic Book Photo frame by Framedup
4. Yoda Star Wars Cuff Links by Pink Burlesque
5. Robot Tee by Bumpo's
6. Star Wars finger puppets by MuNGBEANS


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  1. I love your look's like you havent been on for awhile...come by sometime.