Friday, 22 January 2010

New crafting conquests!


Finally the rest of Britain seem to be moving again after this cold snap!
I have been waiting a ridiculous time for some deliveries of supplies.. this is after paying the ridiculous postage costs.

So I have been in a huff, until at work yesterday a man arrived with a large box for me! Yay! After some of colleagues had poked and prodded the supplies (which I enjoyed, as I like to show off!) I loaded the stuff onto the strongest carrier bags I could find and started walking home.

So after a rather tasty stir-fry I couldn't wait any longer and broke out the supplies to start making things.

So last night I made some more of my Alphabet soaps, but these ones smelled of yummy peppermint. Very Zingy!

My proudest achievement of the evening was some gorgeous smelling lavender soap, which I managed to layer with some lavender flowers on the top. This was the first time I had ever attempted to make a soap like that, and it wasn't 100% perfect, but it should be next time I try. I reckon one bar out of the loaf doesn't look as good, so possibly this should be a present for my dearest mum, who adores lavender scented things!

I also made lots of wee base soaps for making some soap conglomerates, so that should keep me busy tonight!

I think some new bath salts may be on the cards for tonight as well! Followed by a photo shoot.

And then a glass of wine? It is Friday!


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