Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday!

In addition to my moan earlier this week about not having any time, I have made sure I have the time for a Folksy Friday today!
I never ever post these as often as I would like, and since I am indulging myself in a bit of window shopping, I thought the subject shold be something I love more than anythign else in the world . (Yes, more than beer, Dr.Who, slippers, rocks, possible more than dinosaurs and maybe marginally more than Bruce Willis)

Yes, its Hippos!

Did you know…

Hippopotamus dervioes from the Ancient Greek hippopotamos, meaning ‘Water Horse’

In English, the plural is hippopotamuses, but hippopotami is also used. I think I prefer Hippopotami.

Hippopotamuses are the fourth largest mammals in the world (after whales, elephants, andrhinoceroses)

The average weight for an adult male Hippo is 3,300–4,000 lb. That’s 235 – 285 Stones!

So on with the Folksy Friday!

Hippo Print by ialbert.  1 Patio Hippo Puzzle by Puzzlesinwood& Crafts  2
LICORICE Hippo tee Hippo & T-Rex Card by Konnie Kapow! 4

Now can someone please send me a picture of Bruce Willis and Dr.Who riding Hippos in whilst wearing slippers, in the shadow of a volcano and sipping on some beer while a T-rex looks on??
It would make my day!

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