Sunday, 28 February 2010

A very lemon weekend

I have had a very good weekend.

I worked all of the last weekend at the Scottish Wedding Show, helped out by my lovely assistant Konnie Kapow!

So after a very long week at work, Friday finally arrived!!

The beautiful Konnie Kapow! was at the vintage fair at Pin Up nights, and it was my turn to be the assistant for the evening.
It was a great night, and it turned out to be very successful for Konnie Kapow! Sadly, Mr.Kapow! had to leave early to pick up his fabby relatives from the train station. I mourned his leaving us by throwing a pint onto the floor (and onto myself) using only my bum. It would have been impressive had it not been so embarrassing.

So after a great night of drinking and wearing beer, making new friends, catching up with old ones and swooning over Justin Curries presence, it was time to brave the Scottish weather and get a taxi home.

Saturday morning was sent wishing I hadn't drunk so much beer the night before, and meeting (and booking) our wedding photographer. Gordon and I then met a very horrible woman in Fraser Hart whilst looking at wedding rings. She proceeded to be horribly rude about my engagement ring and after running her manky ball point pen over my ring, we left very grumpy. After her infinite rudeness, it’s safe to say, Fraser Hart shall not be providing us with Wedding rings!

Then after a wee look at Bridesmaid dresses it was time to head home for a nap.

Saturday evening was spent in the excellent company of Natalie and Donald, had a great time.

And onto today. It has been a very lemon orientated day. I began by attempting my first solo shot at baking. Certainly not up to my Grans standard, but I was very pleased with my lemon sponge. Gordon enjoyed a slice too.
So sticking with my lemon theme, I decided to try making some lemon soaps. Again I was pleased with the results. Yummy little lemon scented guest soaps, with a slice of dried lemon for extra zingyness! Yumee!

So after all my hard work in the kitchen, I think it’s high time for a slice of sponge and a cup of tea!!

Lots of new projects in the pipeline... more later this week.

Sponge... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!


  1. what a horrid woman! was her ball point chewed?! Chewed ball points give me the heebies!

  2. Chewed ball points give me the boke!