Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wedding Show madness


I would love to say I am too busy and important to be updating my blog… sadly I am too busy, but not that important.

It has come to that time of year for me, twice a year I descent into a wedding haze. A live and breath weddings for a weekend... and that happens to be this weekend at the Scottish Wedding Show.

To be honest, I live and breath weddings anyway. I adore them! It’s why I wanted to get into Event Management. So as much fun as this weekend should be, it’s also about standing with a smile fixed on your face for two days whilst you answer the same questions over and over again.
I always enjoy the wedding show, I am just always grumpy after it as it’s very tiring, the food for the exhibitors isn’t that great and it’s a very long week when you are working without any days off. That’s not to mention the horrific ‘Exhibitors rest Area’... where I usually end up sitting on the cold dirty floor to eat my pieces as they have about 15 chairs (for about 400 staff) and some overpriced muck thrown into semi-stale bread. Yuck!

I also like to moan!

This Wedding Show should be different from the others though, as my wedding is now less than a year away and I have some serious organising to get on with!

So all of this has reminded me why I started to make soaps in the first place. I wanted cute, handmade unique favours. Which of course I will have... I haven’t fully made up my mind what form these will be as yet!

I have also been thinking about what other people would like as favours, like mini heart soaps or wee star bath bombs etc. I have my work cut out for me as that’s a big market to tap into, and things have to be 100% perfect for a wedding.

Just in a bit of a contemplative mood today….

Now I need to go pick up digital prints for my wedding book, from the City Centre…no rest for the wicked.

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