Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Birthdays and Bath Bombs

Well what a fabulous birthday I ended up having.
All down to having such fabulous friends! Thank you to everyone for helping me celebrate, and also to laugh with me during the horrific dinner groping experience!!!

So as I had some time of from the day job, I have been very busy getting to work on some new products before the house moving next weekend!

One of my favourite new products are the new Gummy Bear Soaps. A certain Konnie Kapow! gave me the moulds for these soaps, and they are just lovely. The perfect companion to keep the Rubber Duckies company

My new favourite product are these new rose shaped bath bombs, with dried rose petals through them, I just love them!

My next wee creation, are the new Foot Soak Fizzies. These are great to chuck into a basin of hot water for a foot soak after a long day on your feet. An essential for craft fair sellers!!!

And last, but by no means least, I had Easter thoughts in my mind! I made some lovely wee egg shaped bath bombs, smelling of chocolate. Chocolate Easter Eggs, geddit?
Completely yummy!

With two weddings coming up at work in the next week, I think I will be keeping some Foot Soak Fizzies by for myself!!

And, now as I am back at my normal work tomorrow, I feel its time for bed.

Night all!

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