Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Why don't more men wear lip balm?

Howdy all!

I hope this rainy miserable day find everyone well?

I am just doing a wee sneaky blog post, as I have some new products that I am just dying to share!

First up is the infamous Rhubarb and Custard Soap. This bad boy has been a winner at craft fairs, and anyone who has a whiff of one ends up purchasing!
A special favourite of Pepe the Prawnstar, and my own personal favourite soap at the moment!

Have a wee look at it!

Rhubarb and Custard Soap">

And next I have the new lip balm range! I ditched the pots as I was concerned about how hygienic it was sticking a dirty finger in a pot and then rubbing the contents over your mouth. Not that I think any of you have dirty fingers, you just never know!

So I thought I would be better off using wee twist tubes, as you never really have to touch the lip balm it makes it so much more hygienic. However if you pass it around all your pals so they can get a shot, then don't blame me if you get ill!

I currently have some gorgeous Tiramisu flavoured balms. They are stunning smelling! And I have been tempted to eat them whilst making them!
The first batch were supposed to be black, however they turned out a bit grey. I do still have them if anyone would like one!

All of the lip balms are made with lots of lovely Shea Butter, to really smooth out and moisturise even the driest lips. And not a drop of that yucky Petroleum Jelly in sight! I hate how that stuff slides about your face but never sinks into your lips!

Also in the Lip Balm range are sweet and lovely Vanilla and the first of my Naked range. A Naked Lip Balm, which is unscented and uncoloured. There will soon be soaps and salts to match, to cater those who don't like scented cosmetics, or maybe boys who are too shy to use vanilla lip balm in front of their friends!

Well that's what I have for the moment, but as always, I have lots in the pipeline! I have recently had a very successful 'trial' of some massage bars! Everyone massaged really enjoyed themselves! They will be listed soon!

Lucy xxx


  1. Wow, the rhubarb and custard soap is gorgeous! The lip balms sound wonderful, too. (And I agree with you about the balm pots - I much prefer twist-up tubes for the same reason.) :)

  2. Me too, I always get it up my fingernail when I use a pot - don't get me strated on THAT!

    I have been using one of your tiramisu ones for a few weeks now and it's really good! Not too oily and tastes fab!