Monday, 5 July 2010

Where did June go?

Well I am ashamed of myself! I always want to spend lots of time updating my blog but I haven’t been near it in a month!

What a disgrace!

So as a quick recap of the last month:

I have been on Holiday, fallen in love with Snorkelling, got a bit of a tan and drank a lot of beer.
I have worked... A LOT! To the point I feel a bit hungover over today due to tiredness rather than alcohol!
I hung out with the Kapows at the Hidden Lane Festival.
I have eaten a lot of pasta!
I have arranged secret birthday treats, soon to be revealed to Gordon! One of which will need a blog post of its own due to the amount of work and talent that is going into its creation!
And I worked lots, did I mention that already?

So with a happy bride and groom and a well fed Nobel Peace Prize winner behind me, that’s the busiest weekend of my summer out of the way, hopefully!

So now I should have time to spend on making some new things. One such thing is the new lip balm range I am working on. So far the Vanilla lip balms smells divine, and the Tiramisu ones are just as mouth watering! In my attempt to make them black, they have turned out grey! So think I will stick to uncoloured balms for the moment!

I have also been experimenting with Solid perfumes. I love them! Green balms, with girly scents all in a kiss ass super cool tin! Ph yeah!

All of these items, a few more newbie’s and some old favourites will be making an appearance at the Craft Fair in Hillhead Library this Saturday!

I will be sharing a table with my beautiful partner in crime, Konnie Kapow!
Why not pop round to pick up a card and soapy present for someone special? Why not come and just spoil yourself with soapy treats and cool jewellery?
Whatever your bag, come along!

Glasgow West End July Craft Fair
Saturday 10th July 2010 - 11.00am - 4.00pm
Hillhead Library, Byres Road, Glasgow

See you there!

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